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14. My Poem

Hello lovely people :)

I hope you’re doing amazing.

Here’s that poem I said I would post, the one I wrote for class, which my mom and sister said I should post. Blush. Acting coy. OK, be warned, it’s pretty serious, but the assignment was serious. Harm begets harm. Rapdaddy out.


A wild river flowing,

choking every stone,

jagged-peak icy waters roam.

Rough rapids tumbling,

dark spots rumbling,

I never chose this ride.

For what is it to harm, but to free your pain,

that it may come up and gasp for air.

And why do the twist-and-turns bruise,

if not to make you feel.

Life is real.

It just seems natural, it just happens.

But then it happens to me,

Drowning in the oceans heave.

Now it’s my turn to rise,

to puff and billow, thunder and rain, to charge the land and drain.

The same.

Jagged peaks.

I see the cycle now,

the same-old terrain.

Can I restrain?

Can I retrain?

Is it in vain?

Am I the same?

Just a grain.

Not a stone this time,

just a grain.

My journey has refined me.

I smile.

There are rivers still raging,

but courses change,

Broad and grand

new lands expand.


The End.

And there you have it. Life. I hope you’re well - I miss you like crazy.



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