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15. January - April, 2023

Hello my Peeps :)

Did you see the pics? That’s me! Woohoo. And my gang. “The Thugs!” Jokes, they’re my work friends. How about the pond and trees? It looks pretty nice here doesn’t it…? WRONG! It’s, just OK. The garden is incredible but not open-access, and everything else is metal, concrete, spit, dirty-beige paint, tattoos, and memories. Boohoo hoo, I miss you!

In the background of my pics is the “yard”. That’s where you go (when you’re allowed) for phones, socializing, 10,000 push-ups, and to walk around with your shirt off and look mean. I’m not getting tattoos but lots of people do: hands, arms, body, face, scalp, whatever. Once I saw a guy leaning up against a wall getting his back tattooed. I saw it late at night, reflected in a window. That’s when I knew I was hard-core.

BTW, they actually filmed a movie here (about twenty years ago): “The Bandits,” staring Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton. Watch for the prison scenes right at the beginning - that’s where I am. And it still looks exactly the same, clothes and all. The room with all the tables is where I took that Christmas pic and is where I play ping-pong. The boxing area is closed because guards were betting and setting up fights. The basketball area is where I slam-dunk.

I haven’t played ping-pong in about six months but I’m set to play this Saturday.

This term for college I took Chicano Studies (America’s relationship with Mexico), Math in Society (voting systems, probability, loans, logic statistics, and how to figure out the shortest way to navigate a route), and an Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. That one was a doozy. It was more indoctrination than information but I put in lots of work and kept my brain alive. I’m off for a week now - Spring Break! Woohoo - I’ll probably head down to Miami Beach for some raves.

My injury-recovery journey continues; progress is slow but steady. Lately, I’ve been learning to plank properly. Doing them standing against a wall has helped. BKS Iyengar’s book, “Yoga. The Path to Holistic Health,” has been the best. #stillloveyoga

Recently, we’ve been getting pears with lunch. They’re red and delicious.

Last month I got to eat a meal with my mom - Chinese food - because I’m a member of the Asian Pacific Club. It was awesome: I stuffed my face and hugged my mom. I’ll get two more tihs year: one through the Latino Club and one through the Self-Development Club, #family

For some reason I’ve been sick four times this year. Maybe it’s the 2000 dudes everywhere. #yikeswashyourhands

My friends and I are watching Survivor (season 44), I love the scenery, and we like to guess who’ll be voted off the island next. Did Carolyn accidentally give away the real idol??? The suspense never ends.

OK, so unfortunately that’s about as exciting as I get these days, and that’s the gist of my 2023. But I have a great idea! Instead of writing to me, why don’t you send some pics? Each one is worth 1,000 words so it’s a great deal. You don’t have to explain what’s going on, I’ll piece together the scenes. I just want to see you again. If you’re in touch with my mom, just send her some jpgs. Preferably via email so their quality preserves for printing Thank you!!! If you’re not in touch with my mom, send them here.

I hope you are safe and happy. If not, my thoughts are with you. Either way, my thoughts are with you.

Take care,


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