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17. August - November, 2023

17. August - Nov, 2023

Hello Everyone :)

Do you remember the show “Prison Break”? Well, I didn’t get the tattoos (and I’m definitely not trying to escape) but I did get the haircut: #2 with hair clippers! I’ve never cut my hair this short and while I mourn the loss of my Justin Beiber-in-his-teenage-years-vibe hairstyles, short hair is pretty awesome. I’m a real wake-up-and-go kind of guy now (we shower at night here). Although it still takes me about 45 minutes to wake up enough to actually get out of bed. #Snooze

Summer was hot - I got another brown spot on my face - what the heck! I watched the US Open from start to finish and loved it (I can’t even play tennis - go figure).

A few weeks ago the Latino Club hosted “The Reptile Guy.” He brought in 15: an African tortoise (who did diarrhea on someone’s leg, a black snapping turtle who wouldn’t shut his mouth, hand-sized baby crocodiles and alligators who chomped at your fingers, lizards - one was legless and looked like a snake, and snakes. The rattlers and cottonmouth were biters but there were some friendly ones too: a purplish, six-foot king cobra, a west African Gaboon viper (shorter than my arm but just as thick with massive jaws and little horns on its head), and a big-old-bright-yellow python. The presenter was making jokes the whole time and everyone was laughing, including myself, up until he swung the cobra into my face and shouted, “Watch out!” Good grief. Also, he told us not to look them in the eyes and get close to their face because they might think you’re coming for dinner and strike. Well, people were holding the friendly ones while the guy with the camera took pictures, so I also put the python around my neck. I planned on doing an epic pose but the snake kept curling up to my face! I haven’t seen the picture yet but it’s not going to be pretty. If I get a copy, I’ll post it for your amusement. #scaredy-cat

But it’s not all fun and games of course. Besides other things, the crowding and noise here wears one down to tears at times: continuous shouting, echoing, TVs, clanging, clunking, banging and on and on. #my nerves #tissue please

Lastly, Go Bokke!!! In case you didn’t know, the Rugby World Cup just finished and South Africa won!!! Yebo! They didn’t air the final here but I watched a few of the earlier games and totally got into it. Reminded me of lekker braais and boerewors. #greenandgoldbaby

I hope you are well. I think of you often and always pray for your happiness and care. Please mail me (or email/text my mom) some pictures if you can’t write. Do it.

Love you


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